Hollow Fiber Membranes

Genrich Membranes is a spin-off company based on proprietary technology from CSIR-National Chemical Laboratory, Pune. We are India’s first and only company to manufacture Hollow Fiber (HF) membranes for gas and niche liquid separation applications. Gas separation applications include Oxygen/Nitrogen enrichment of atmospheric air, dehumidification of moist air to provide dry air for various industrial unit processes, hydrogen recovery & hydrocarbon separation for oil refineries, and biogas enrichment, while liquid separation applications are waste-water treatment, organic/VOC removal for meeting discharge standards, acid recovery for fermentation and pickling industry.
We also provide customized HF-membrane technology-based solutions for separations as per customer needs.
By practicing HF-Membrane manufacturing using Indian technology from a reputed national laboratory and by designing & fabricating requisite machines by local SPMs, we truly follow the ‘Make in India’ proposition.
Huge potential for gas separation market exists from societal (medical, biogas, packaging) to large industrial applications (refineries, inerting, natural/bio-gas, etc).

Translating high-tech HF-membrane science to provide affordable gas- and niche-liquid separation solutions for the benefit of Society and Industry
Aim to be India’s Premier company to provide membrane solutions for gas separation